What is Electroneum? Electroneum (ETN) was created and developed by a team based in London and led by CEO Richard Ells in 2017. It is a Cryptocurrency that can be mined with a smartphone, unlike any other Crypto on the market.  It’s unique mobile mining allows anyone earn ETN coins by letting a miner app run in the background. Appealing to a potential market of 2.2 billion smartphone users around the world. Designed for introducing cryptocurrency to the mainstream, has a simple user friendly platform that allows members to check account balances and transfer instantly between one another. Another advantage is that Bitcoin has 8 decimal digits, making small amounts of Bitcoin difficult to read. Electroneum only has 2 decimal digits, making it much more like the dollar. Before purchasing, mining or earning ETN, you will require a Wallet to store it!

how to setup Electronuem wallet
First you’ll want to visit my.electroneum.com and create either a paper wallet or an online wallet. While a paper wallet is more secure, it’s also a bit more complicated for beginners in the crypto world to manage. Your online Electroneum wallet will also require two-factor authentication, a PIN and Captcha verification each time you log in to manage it, so there are added layers of security. Click here to learn how to set this security process up. Your online wallet will also sync with the Electroneum Android mining app (the iOS app is currently pending Apple approval).

How to Mine Electroneum?

The mobile miner launched on 5 March 2018 however it is only available on Android. IOS is coming soon. Begin by downloading the App from the link below,  then simply follow these 2 steps.



download Electroneum mining app

  1. Log into the app using your credentials.
  2. Go to the Miner tab at the bottom and click the Start Mining button.

That’s it! Your phone will now start mining. It will show your hash rate (the speed at which your device is mining) as well as the pending balance (how many coins have been mined) on the screen.

The mining app has already been developed and is currently in a beta testing phase. The Android app can be downloaded from the Play Store here. The iOS version, however, is still under review by Apple and will in all likelihood only launch after the mobile miner has launched in Q1 of 2018.