How to earn XP coins

Experience Points (XP) Coins

The first step to do if you haven’t done already is to Setup a Wallet to store your XP coins. Once you have this setup you can begin building your XP stash for free by participating in the XP faucet. Another free option that is also my favourite is earning XP coins by playing games – yeah pretty sweet eh. Alternatively if you already have some XP coins and would like to earn interest on them, you can simply Stake them. If you have heard of XP Coins and don’t know what they are exactly or why you should get some then Learn more about XP here. Here are the few ways of How to earn XP coins:


  • If you don’t own any and just want to earn XP coins for free then go to the XP faucet. Complete a Capthcha form and get a small amount every 24hrs.

xp coin faucet

  • You can earn XP coins for playing games via The XP Coin Game Portal. (This is is a platform that allows you to get paid in XP for playing on the XP game servers in Rust, 7 Days to Die and other games that will be integrated soon.) Here is a quick video that shows you how to set it up:

If you have any issues, please contact their Support Team at

  • If you already own XP coins and would like to earn interest on hodling them you can simply set up a free POS account and Stake them. Don’t own any XP coins and you wish to purchase them? Simply go Buy some XP Here.

how to stake my coins


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