Buying Crypto

How to Buy CryptoCurrency

Now that you have added funds to your preferred Crypto wallet securely and have researched the coin you would like to acquire, its time to buy them. Simply visit Capcoins, click on the currency and opt in to Buy Now. Then send the funds to the desired exchange, and purchase the coins. Here is a video on how to buy Crypto in Australia on Coinspot:


Purchasing coins is the quickest way to start building a portfolio. Its important to take your time when buying the coins, double check the Addresses you are sending the funds to and make sure you always send the correct currency to the correct receiving wallet for example (Always send BTC to a BTC wallet).  As you begin acquiring coins its always helpful to monitor your portfolios value as there will be fluctuations.

I personally recommend an App called Blockfolio, this is a free App that is very simple to use. You can download it here:











Now you have purchased some coins, its time to stake them and begin earning interest on them.