How to Earn Cryptocurrency online

There are several ways of How to Earn Cryptocurrency online. Firstly you must understand that yes it is possible, and no you haven’t “missed the boat”.  So lets discuss Bitcoin vs Altcoins. Bitcoin (BTC) was introduced in 2008 it has taken a decade to fully earn the spotlight it is receiving today. The digital currency price in the beginning was less than 1c and today 13th of April 2018 is worth a whopping $7663 USD. This significant growth has lead the average person to believe that they have missed the boat with investing in BTC.

However, the concept of BTC is a significant movement in financial history – A global currency that is decentralized. The reason that you have not missed the boat is because not only are there many other Alternative (ALT) coins being introduced but there are many ways you can start earning Cryptocurrency (including BTC) rather then just purchasing them. This allows anyone to begin building a portfolio for quite cheap and even for free.

4 Ways of How to Earn Cryptocurrency online

  1. Stake
  2. Mine
  3. Utilise Platform
  4. Faucets

The easiest way to earn Crypto is to Stake them – store them in a pool and earn interest. You can mine Crypto – the process of solving mathematical equations to discover/find them. Another option is to get involved in a platform that allows you to complete tasks online and get paid weekly in Crypto. And the final option is you can earn them for FREE by participating in Faucets– websites that grant small amounts of Crypto usually for watching ads.

So if purchasing Cryptocurrencies is not up your alley then begin earning them and start swimming for the boat and thank me later. If you do feel that you have missed the boat, I’d love to hear why?

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