Is Cryptocurrency worth it?


The everyday grind of the 9-5 is tough work, juggling relationships, friendships, bills and the list goes on. And its not in everyone’s interest to escape the rat race and that’s fine – because we do need Nurses in hospitals, Taxi drivers driving and Bartenders serving us drinks etc etc. You can work long hours all you like, budget all you like and save your dollars in your piggy bank till your hearts content but in todays economy – this will not get you ahead. By all means taking control of finances is definitely significant but sometimes its important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If they are printing money and its not backed by anything, what’s it worth? How long have you worked for? Is it working for you? Stop trading time for money because its a dead-end game.

The government and media have engrained a mindset into people where they are more scared of failure then success. Throughout school we are taught – don’t fail, Qualifications – don’t fail, Applying for a job – don’t fail. The truth is we learn by failing (walking for example) – so why are we so afraid of it? Why would we prefer to not lose our hard earned money in a venture over taking the risk on what if it works? Why are we more afraid of Failure then Success? Ever since reading Robert Kyasakis book Rich Dad Poor Dad back in 2014, my mindset has never been the same. I encourage everyone to read this book that is looking for the greener grass and giving you a more open mind to business. Life is about breaking rules, taking risks and learning from them. They all say the comfort zone is where you become stagnant and this is true.

My message today is take another look at the picture, it is true! Cryptocurrency is the future of money and nobody can stop it. Banks are shaking in their boots and so they should. Rather the shutting down the idea about it – do some research and start to learn about it. Make an informed decision as I believe you’ll be surprised at what building a digital portfolio today can do for your tomorrow.

Id love to hear your thoughts…do you believe Crypto is the future of money?



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