Cybertheft – Lock it or Lose it

No I’m not talking about your boat, motorbike or car. I’m talking about your Cryptocurrency!! We are all well aware there are many scams to be cautious of online and Cyber Crime is happening everyday. So my message today is to treat your online investment as you would (hopefully) treat your assets in the “real world”. You must learn about how to secure your Crypto. A couple of hot tips I recommend:

  • Never use the same Password twice
  • Always back up Private keys
  • Store Offline wallets in a safe place
  • Don’t tell anyone your passwords, its like giving someone or PIN
  • Purchase a Hardware wallet to store your coins on
  • Don’t hold coins on exchanges
  • Always use 2F Google Authentication – its easier to setup and use then you may think.
  • Logout after each session
  • Stay soberish whilst doing online business
  • Be mindful when posting videos online/sharing screen



I’ve personally had an exchange account of mine hacked because I didn’t follow a lot of the above steps and it has bitten me on the arse. It is a very frustrating experience – but we live and we learn right?! Happy Easter guys 🙂



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