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Kitchen Doors Open

Today marks the day that I open the doors on I have created this site to educate others and simplify the process of how to get started with crypto as in my experience I found it quite overwhelming. All the questions that arise like What the hell is Bitcoin? Huh, Altcoins? How does this system work? Is it another Scam? Why is everyone talking about it? Is Cryptocurrency real? What about Taxes? and the list goes on. So as this recipe unfolds I ask you to be open-minded, take in the information, digest it and make an educated decision.

Being involved with several business ventures over the years I have taken every bit of experience with me. Rather then being a Negative Nancy and admitting I have lost a lot of time and money along the way I would prefer to say I have progressed and become more cautious and knowledgeable in the industry. has been whipped up to raise awareness, educate and give value to people in the cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrency is not only the future of money but also a significant moment in financial history. Decentralization of finance excites me as I believe it truly gives power back to the people. The banks have been controlling our money too long and its time to fight back. So thanks for reading my opening post, I look forward to connecting with you as you byte into this with me. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Cheers, StakeChef 🙂



how to get started with crypto

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